A New Generation of BK4 High Speed Digital Cutting System

The new generation of BK4 high-speed digital cutting system is a high-speed,single-layer (small multi-layer) material cutting system that can automatically and accurately complete full-cut,half-cut,engraving,V-groove,crease,marking and other processes, and is widely used in car interior ,advertising,apparel,home furnishing,composite materials and other fields.The BK4 cutting system provides solutions for automated production in multiple industries with its precise,flexible and efficient features.Compared with BK3,IECHO BK4 has been greatly upgraded in many aspects.

More stable frame

BK4 inherits the characteristics of the BK3 integrated frame,and further improves this advantage.Using high-strength welding technology to make 12mm thick steel into the frame, the body weight reaches 600KG, and the frame strength is increased by 30%, making the BK4 capable It is suitable for high-intensity and long-term production activities.

BK4 2516送料双机头1.221.png


More quieter working environment

In the past work process, BK3 has the problem of high noise. We attach great importance to this. We have carried out repeated practice to find new solutions on the premise of maintaining efficiency. Finally, we developed a new generation of mute system, and then cooperated The silent box absorbs noise as much as possible, so that the noise of the machine in the energy-saving mode is as low as 65 decibels,  creating a more comfortable and quiet working environment and reducing noise pollution.


More powerful adsorption capacity

The countertop of BK4 adopts imported aviation aluminum plate, which is integrated balanced and stable. There is no need to worry about the inclination deviation of the countertop and the cutting is not accurate enough, and BK4 With vacuum segmented suction function and improved, the air flow of the vacuum pump has increased by 25%. 

BK4 2516送料双机头线板-1.222 (3).png


More refined craftsmanship

BK4 is the crystallization of IECHO's new generation of technology and craftsmanship.  The craftsmen of IECHO have carried out three polishing techniques on 48 key parts of the BK4 body. Every detail greatly improves the overall accuracy. At the same time, all cables of the machine have passed 10 million bending fatigue tests to ensure that each cable can work safely and stably. It is this rigorous production attitude that can ensure good production quality. Only companies that pay attention to production quality can make good production machines.



More efficient cutting speed

Efficiency is always the highest pursuit of production. The most important thing for a cutting machine is speed. IECHO BK4 has completed an innovation and breakthrough in cutting speed. The cutting speed has been increased from 1500mm/s to 1800mm/s, 20% The growth rate has made great progress in productivity, provided hardware strength for entering a larger market, and helped producers gain a more advantageous position in the increasingly fierce production competition.


With the development of science and technology, IECHO is striding forward to the Industry 4.0 era, providing automated production solutions for the non-metallic materials industry, using the best cutting system and the most enthusiastic service to protect the interests of customers, "For the development of various fields and stages companies provide better cutting solutions", this is IECHO's service philosophy and development motivation.

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