BK2 High Speed Digital Cutting System at the SIGN

Established in 2003, SIGN CHINA has been devoting itself to build a one-stop platform for the sign community. From 2019 onward, SIGN CHINA has become event series and expanded its exhibition range to digital textile printing, retail and commercial integration solutions.


In this exhibition we brought BK2 and BK4, let’s focus on BK2.

BK2 2516 送料-3.35.jpg


Bk2 High speed digital integrated cutting system is a high speed (single layer/few layers) material cutting system, which is widely applied to automobile interior, advertisement, garment, furniture, and composite materials field and can be precisely used for full cutting, half cutting, engraving, creasing, grooving and marking.BK2 Cutting system provides best choice for automatic production of many different industries with high precision, high-efficiency and flexibility.



Acrylic panel

BK2 adopts acrylic panel, which has higher hardness, better toughness, and has excellent weather fastness and mechanical mechanics property


Diversified cutting modules     

Can be combined with standard cutting head, punching head and notch head to match different processing demands, easily deal with new production requirements.


Ergonomic design

IECHO's latest cutting system structure design conforms to ergonomics, making people feel humanized operation and processing experience.



IECHO super automatic nesting system    

According to the customized nesting samples and width control parameters which set by customers can be automatically and efficiently generated to the best nesting.


IECHO motion control system 

IECHO CutterServer cutting control center enables the cutting process smoother and the curve of cutting more perfect.


Safety device       

safety device ensure the safety of operator while controlling the machine under the high speed processing. And equipped with infrared automatic sensor device, can avoid the material waste during the cutting process.


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