• BK4 high speed digital cutting system

    BK4 is the latest generation digital cutting system of the BK series. It inherits many...

    Industries: Automotive interiors, advertising, clothing, furniture, composites

The new generation of BK4 high-speed digital cutting system is a high speed,single-layer(small multi-layer)material cutting systemthat can automatically and accurately completefull-cut,half-cut,engraving, V-groove,crease, marking and other processes, and is widely used in car interior, advertising, apparel,home furnishing,composite materials and other fields.Compared with BK3, IECHO BK4 has been upgraded in many aspects, mainly reflected in four points:

  • Stable frame. Strength of the fuselage increased by 30%

  • Quiet working environment. Minimum operating noise 65 dB 

  • Faster cutting speed. Cutting speed up to 1800mm/s

  • Stronger suction power. Air flow increased by 25%